What is HR Boss?​ A Beginner’s Guide to Experience Platforms

HR is one of the most vital parts of any business wouldn’t you agree? When you think about the wealth of responsibility that’s given to a few individuals to manage an entire workforce, it’s almost daunting. Where HR professionals have to perform tasks like recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, training and learning, labor and employee relations, and organization development. Including so, so much more all with a smile on their face it’s hard to fathom how many businesses that exist today perform these tasks without the right tools to help.

Well, there are many HR tools out there actually, that provide a lot of value to organizations all over the world. But as with everything there are constant changes, and these tools now need to perform new tasks and experiences that must meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce.

We work in a faster, more team-based environment and we need a tool that lets us quickly communicate in real-time. This is why email as been slowly overrun by faster texting platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, which allows for quick and easy collaboration. Well our HR platforms should also meet the needs for on-demand functions.

Based on the number of companies that we have interviewed and even worked with, one of the main problems with many of our HR tools is that how hard it was to use, how difficult it was to train people to use it, and how frustrated they were with even the simpler parts of the system. Also, with the increasing need for more collaborative tools, companies want tools that they can click, swipe, and text-message without having to go to 4 different tools.

HR Boss Essentials

HR Boss is one such platform that exists to solve the need for a simpler platform that will fit in the flow of work. For HR Boss our mission is to be the pulse of every organization by simplifying the experience of HR tools, make it easy and simple to get started. Integrate features that will drive utilization and employee engagement. Employees don’t want to be greeted with complicated layers of forms and screens, but rather a more intuitive design that carries users on journey enabled views.

HR Boss aims to not only be an HR platform but a whole new category of “Employee Experience Platforms”. Providing benefits around Core HR, Employee Recruitment, Payroll, Social Intranet, Task Management, Absence Management, and Business Intelligence.

A Quick Tour of HR Boss

Dashboard, We are familiar with a default place of reference to go back to. Here we are able to conceptualize all that is available to us without digging too deep in the platform.


Social Intranet drive interaction and collaboration among colleagues. Like the social sites, we are accustomed to, HR Boss gives organization leaders and employees alike the ability to be constantly updated with a list of stories in the middle of your News feed page. News feed allows us to post messages and interact with them with like and comments to drive more conversation.


Absence Management, takes the hassle away from managing the employee request without the paper works. Absence management challenges include sometimes having hundreds of employees spread across multiple geographic regions and multiple locations. Without a good absence management tool, this makes it difficult for employers to effectively monitor, control, and reduce absenteeism.


Time Clock, monitor on-site attendance with our time clock system. Whether it’s in an office, warehouse, at an event, or on a construction site, you can manage on-site attendance with our digital punch clock. Clocking in and out is as easy as a button tap.

Who’s Working, you can’t be in multiple places at once (a real bummer if employees work in multiple locations), but with the Who’s Working window, you can see the entire workforce at a glance. HR Boss time clock tracks how employees are using their time and who is on the clock.


It should be clear that HR Boss is a tool you can use in your organization that it’s not just for HR professionals but for everyone in your organization. Don’t get another underutilized platform. Employees don’t just want another tool to make work harder, they need one that makes work effortless.

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