HR Systems Should Boost Your Employees’​ Engagement

HR technology is an enormous part of business today and is continuously changing. Every company needs one of these platforms, and now that most are available in the cloud, vendors are rapidly changing their offerings. While these systems are important payroll and record-keeping systems, they must also be useful, productive, and engaging to employees directly.

Let’s go through the timeline:

Twenty years ago, these were back-office systems designed to be used by HR managers, payroll clerks, and HR administrators. Over the last decade, they have become useful for employees, with interfaces that let employees use self- service functionality to manage their information, benefits, and various other tasks. Today, vendors are struggling to evolve again and make these systems into productive management and workforce tools that help employees actually get their work done. While most of us preach collaboration and an improvement of culture throughout our organization, none of these systems really support the main cause and bring forth the gel that really holds an organization together, its people.

The Shift

Now vendors are highly focused on building out all possible HR features known to man, their core systems are still not always useful for day-to-day work. To address this issue more urgently, companies are rapidly snapping up employee experience platforms (EEP) in an attempt to create an easy-to-use interface that helps employees use the system for the moments that matter at work. To me this trend poses a major market shift, because user engagement with core HR systems is under attack, possibly commoditizing this entire market.

Brainboxx Solutions Limited

We are Brainboxx, the superheroes who are here to stop this commodity by day and hardcore tech enthusiasts by night. HR Boss is another manifestation of our vision to become the most reliable tech company in the Caribbean by providing world-class software solution that helps to mitigate against problems faced by our region. Today we’re thrilled to introduce HR Boss and highlight how HR Boss can be of benefit to your organization.

What is HR Boss?

HR Boss is new framework for HR. One that is focused on providing connected experiences across the full employee life cycle. This is the only way to meet the reality of modern work. Getting connected is the first step towards solving these problems. It’s how HR leaders give people a voice, transform collaboration and strengthen culture. HR Boss is not your typical Human Resource Management System (HRMS), the core of its design is heavily focused on the “employee experience” while always staying in scope of what HR Managers need to perform day to day tasks at optimum. Out of the box HR Boss comes packed with features that are essential to the proper management of staff, such as: time and attendance, leave management, social intranet and much more. We took an approach of taking the best of both the “social media world” and “the HRMS world”, combining the two to create a platform that promotes a connected experience, something we at Brainboxx like to call “HR in the flow of work”.

How Does this Impact HR and Roles? What Should We Do?

How do we deal with this new world? How do we implement HR in the Flow of Work? The answer is becoming clear. As you think about the “employee experience”, you have to think about how to stop interrupting people and think about how to make their work easier, more productive, and more meaningful. We need to stop thinking about HR programs as a “destination” and think about them as a “journey” or an “intervention” or a “conversation.” I will end with this big question: in a world where HR technology is more intelligent and responsive, what will be the future role of HR?

Try HR Boss today!

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